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  • Ronald McDonald House Appeal 2018

    Ray White is proud to support one of the most valuable Houses in New Zealand. Ronald McDonald House provides free accommodation and support for families with children in hospital. This alleviates the financial, emotional and practical burdens that families face during a highly stressful time. Tonight over 100 families will … Read more

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  • Property Manager Gives Bad Smoke Alarm Advice…

    How much are you required to do to meet smoke alarm legislation as a landlord? See more here. Come along to our free Landlord Information evening and find out what the exact requirements are. For more information and to register, click here.

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  • I Should Have Used a Property Manager!

    A Wellington property owner has lost his nest egg to methamphetamine. He handed over the keys to the Wainuiomata home he bought in the 90s, selling it for $230,000, well below its rateable value of $295,000, after discovering it was riddled with the drug. “They’re just scumbags, they don’t deserve … Read more

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  • Police Wastewater Drug Tests Show Meth

    Police wastewater drug tests show meth is the most common drug in Auckland and Christchurch! Three months of testing by the Institute of Environmental Science and Research recently have found significantly higher quantities of methamphetamine than other drugs, with quantities similar in both Christchurch and Auckland. To find out more, … Read more

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  • Are Your Tenants Using or Manufacturing Meth?

    Are your tenants using or manufacturing meth in your property? Are your tenants behaving suspiciously? What signs should you look for when conducting a routine inspection? What’s the best way of keeping meth users out of your rental property? Is this all being blown out of proportion? What sort of … Read more

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  • Does the Health & Safety Act Apply?

    Does the Health & Safety Act apply to my residential rental property? Yes. The Health and Safety at Work Act applies to all business activities. Residential rentals are a business, and so the HSWA applies, and as landlords (and their property managers) are in control of those premises they become a … Read more

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