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Rānui House

By Kate Williams

We are thrilled to announce that Ray White Canterbury is partnering with the Bone Marrow Cancer Trust to sell annual sponsorships for the 26 apartments at Rānui House, located at 1 Cambridge Terrace, Christchurch Central, to individuals/businesses who may be interested in this kind of sponsorship opportunity.

TheBone Marrow Cancer Trust is an independent local charity which owns and operates Rānui House, which provides a home-away-from-home for patients and their families who need to travel to Christchurch for what is often life-saving medical treatment.

Please know that the impact you will have through your involvement is great, and will support the journeys of patients and their families that travel to Christchurch for what is often life saving medical treatment. 

About Ranui House:

  • Bone Marrow Cancer Trust is an independent Charitable Trust that owns and operates Rānui House.
  • The trust was initially formed to raise funds to create the first Bone Marrow Cancer unit, which it did – then gifted to the Christchurch Hospital.
  • Little Rānui was then fundraised for and built as a response to those same patients & families that needed a home away from home during that treatment.
  • When Big Rānui was built the scope of patients and families we serve did too.
  • Today, all patients, of all ages and all treatment types can stay at Rānui House.

If you are interested in sponsoring an apartment we will be holding an event on Thursday 2nd November at Rānui House, we’d love to see you there so please contact 

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